Benefits for horses

Benefits for Horses fed Elite Performer 

    • Palatable - studies show horses will eat silage in preference to hay.
    • long fibre length - to encourage chewing, reducing boredom, encouraging saliva and maintaining gut health
    • High moisture content - resembling a horse's natural diet, helping with hydration.
    • Quality protein - For muscle and topline, growth and development
    • More nutrients and more digestible than hay - making weight maintenance or gain easy.
    • Weed-Free and dust free - ideal for horses with dust allergies
    • All natural product
    • Higher nutritional content than hay
    • Up to 40% more natural Omega-3 & Omega-6 than any other feed
    • Sweet smelling making it highly palatable for even the fussiest of horses
    • Maintains a healthy digestive tract for your horse
    • Haylage retains 90% of the feed value

Benefits for Horses fed Topline Muscle & Condition

  • Barley has been historically fed to condition horses for many, many years with proven results
  • Highly palatable, even the fussiest of eaters love it
  • Source of vitamins A, D, and B-6, calcium, iron and magnesium
  • Natural source of protein for ultimate muscle building