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Moo Meal Max (Tonne)

Moo Meal Max (Tonne)

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A highly digestible fibre base, offering a higher protein and ME than traditional roughage sources (Straw and Hay).
Mixed with carbohydrates, proteins, fats and mineral sources commonly found in standard calf meal.

Why Moo Meal Max?
What we have created is a all-in-1 calf meal based on what already works, your traditional muesli calf meal complete with a coccidiostat, vitamins and minerals and rumasweet, we then added it to a quality fibre source that offers a high nutritional value (Lucerne) not just a gut filler.

Our 25kg bags are 100% recyclable and can be stored outside.

By choosing Moo Meal Max you are:
👊Maximising your rumen development
Efficient rumen development is critical for effective growth of calves. By adding Moo Meal Max you are adding a fibre that not only stimulates the rumen but also offers a nutritional benefit, unlike conventional fibres that offer little to no nutritional value.

👊Maximising your skeletal development
Feeding Moo Meal Max in the early life of your calf, offers a long term positive effect on the skeletal development. Feeding high quality lucerne fibre leads to the optimisation of lean tissues growth which aids in accelerated growth rates..

👊Maximising your margins
eeding Moo Meal Max reduces the need to feed ad-lib straw/hay which leads to decreased cost., less time spent filling feeders due to greater feed efficiency and an overall reduction in labour input.

👊Maximising your time
By adding Moo Meal Max, you are feeding Fibre, Protein, Carobohydrates, Coccidiostat, Vitamins, Minerals and a sweetener/energy all in one bag. There is no need to add straw/hay, all you need is in the bag.

👊Maximising your future
By investing in a premium product like Moo Meal Max at your calfs peak growth age, you are offering the best possible foundation with a high quality nutrition along with an effective fibre source. You will reap the benefits of a better developed calf!


Lucerne Haylage, Kibbled Barley, Peas, Faba Beans, Coccidiostat, Rumasweet, Vitamins & Minerals

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